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Some cool rpg's that my company sponsors.

2009-02-27 18:24:05 by Tom785

mechquest is an awsome rpg game! And Stega is one of its sponsors! Play mech Quest and these other Battleon games Adventure Quest and Dragonfable andAdventure Quest Worlds!


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2009-02-27 19:05:41

wow... i dont know when i would say this but.. I would actually prefer to play runescape... gawd... Screw all that im just going to pay the 15 dollars a month to play on my WoW account or I'll pay the 50 dollars a year to play xbox live...which comes down to ...4 dollars a month... which is 3 dollars less than paying for xbox live monthly at 7 dollars.... now cmon i realize they are for young kids... but cmon... i meet kids who are playing xbox live (Even though they shouldnt God i hate 8 year olds) and WoW... Its also just a sucky flash game... it should be on here not on its own site...

Tom785 responds:

True. Well spoken, but we hear at stega corps get paid $50 a month for sponsoring, so, yeah.